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花花酱 LeetCode 1455. Check If a Word Occurs As a Prefix of Any Word in a Sentence

Given a sentence that consists of some words separated by a single space, and a searchWord.

You have to check if searchWord is a prefix of any word in sentence.

Return the index of the word in sentence where searchWord is a prefix of this word (1-indexed).

If searchWord is a prefix of more than one word, return the index of the first word (minimum index). If there is no such word return -1.

prefix of a string S is any leading contiguous substring of S.

Example 1:

Input: sentence = "i love eating burger", searchWord = "burg"
Output: 4
Explanation: "burg" is prefix of "burger" which is the 4th word in the sentence.

Example 2:

Input: sentence = "this problem is an easy problem", searchWord = "pro"
Output: 2
Explanation: "pro" is prefix of "problem" which is the 2nd and the 6th word in the sentence, but we return 2 as it's the minimal index.

Example 3:

Input: sentence = "i am tired", searchWord = "you"
Output: -1
Explanation: "you" is not a prefix of any word in the sentence.

Example 4:

Input: sentence = "i use triple pillow", searchWord = "pill"
Output: 4

Example 5:

Input: sentence = "hello from the other side", searchWord = "they"
Output: -1


  • 1 <= sentence.length <= 100
  • 1 <= searchWord.length <= 10
  • sentence consists of lowercase English letters and spaces.
  • searchWord consists of lowercase English letters.

Solution 1: Brute Force

Time complexity: O(n)
Space complexity: O(1)


花花酱 LeetCode 58. Length of Last Word

Given a string s consists of upper/lower-case alphabets and empty space characters ' ', return the length of last word in the string.

If the last word does not exist, return 0.

Note: A word is defined as a character sequence consists of non-space characters only.


Input: "Hello World"
Output: 5


There can be tailing spaces, e.g. “abc “, we need to trim the string first and then scan the string in reverse order until a space or reach the beginning of the string.

Time complexity: O(n)
Space complexity: O(1)


花花酱 LeetCode 127. Word Ladder


Given two words (beginWord and endWord), and a dictionary’s word list, find the length of shortest transformation sequence from beginWord to endWord, such that:

  1. Only one letter can be changed at a time.
  2. Each transformed word must exist in the word list. Note that beginWord is not a transformed word.

For example,

beginWord = "hit"
endWord = "cog"
wordList = ["hot","dot","dog","lot","log","cog"]

As one shortest transformation is "hit" -> "hot" -> "dot" -> "dog" -> "cog",
return its length 5.


  • Return 0 if there is no such transformation sequence.
  • All words have the same length.
  • All words contain only lowercase alphabetic characters.
  • You may assume no duplicates in the word list.
  • You may assume beginWord and endWord are non-empty and are not the same.




Time Complexity: O(n*26^l) -> O(n*26^l/2), l = len(word), n=|wordList|

Space Complexity: O(n)

Solution 1: BFS



Solution 2: Bidirectional BFS




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