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花花酱 LeetCode 933. Number of Recent Calls


Write a class RecentCounter to count recent requests.

It has only one method: ping(int t), where t represents some time in milliseconds.

Return the number of pings that have been made from 3000 milliseconds ago until now.

Any ping with time in [t - 3000, t] will count, including the current ping.

It is guaranteed that every call to ping uses a strictly larger value of t than before.

Example 1:

Input: inputs = ["RecentCounter","ping","ping","ping","ping"], inputs = [[],[1],[100],[3001],[3002]]
Output: [null,1,2,3,3]


  1. Each test case will have at most 10000 calls to ping.
  2. Each test case will call ping with strictly increasing values of t.
  3. Each call to ping will have 1 <= t <= 10^9.

Solution: Queue

Use a FIFO queue to track all the previous pings that are within 3000 ms to current.

Time complexity: Avg O(1), Total O(n)

Space complexity: O(n)