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花花酱 LeetCode 895. Maximum Frequency Stack


Implement FreqStack, a class which simulates the operation of a stack-like data structure.

FreqStack has two functions:

  • push(int x), which pushes an integer x onto the stack.
  • pop(), which removes and returns the most frequent element in the stack.
    • If there is a tie for most frequent element, the element closest to the top of the stack is removed and returned.

Example 1:

Output: [null,null,null,null,null,null,null,5,7,5,4]
After making six .push operations, the stack is [5,7,5,7,4,5] from bottom to top.  Then:

pop() -> returns 5, as 5 is the most frequent.
The stack becomes [5,7,5,7,4].

pop() -> returns 7, as 5 and 7 is the most frequent, but 7 is closest to the top.
The stack becomes [5,7,5,4].

pop() -> returns 5.
The stack becomes [5,7,4].

pop() -> returns 4.
The stack becomes [5,7].


  • Calls to FreqStack.push(int x) will be such that 0 <= x <= 10^9.
  • It is guaranteed that FreqStack.pop() won’t be called if the stack has zero elements.
  • The total number of FreqStack.push calls will not exceed 10000 in a single test case.
  • The total number of FreqStack.pop calls will not exceed 10000 in a single test case.
  • The total number of FreqStack.push and FreqStack.pop calls will not exceed 150000 across all test cases.


Solution 1: Buckets

We have n  stacks. The i-th stack has the of elements with freq i when pushed.

We keep tracking the freq of each element.

push(x): stacks[++freq(x)].push(x)  # inc x’s freq and push it onto freq-th stack

pop(): x = stacks[max_freq].pop(), –freq(x); # pop element x from the max_freq stack and dec it’s freq.

Time complexity: O(1) push / pop

Space complexity: O(n)


Solution2: Priority Queue

Use a max heap with key: (freq, seq), the max freq and closest to the top of stack element will be extracted first.

Time complexity: O(logn)

Space complexity: O(n)


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