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花花酱 LeetCode 2661. First Completely Painted Row or Column

You are given a 0-indexed integer array arr, and an m x n integer matrix matarr and mat both contain all the integers in the range [1, m * n].

Go through each index i in arr starting from index 0 and paint the cell in mat containing the integer arr[i].

Return the smallest index i at which either a row or a column will be completely painted in mat.

Example 1:

image explanation for example 1
Input: arr = [1,3,4,2], mat = [[1,4],[2,3]]
Output: 2
Explanation: The moves are shown in order, and both the first row and second column of the matrix become fully painted at arr[2].

Example 2:

image explanation for example 2
Input: arr = [2,8,7,4,1,3,5,6,9], mat = [[3,2,5],[1,4,6],[8,7,9]]
Output: 3
Explanation: The second column becomes fully painted at arr[3].


  • m == mat.length
  • n = mat[i].length
  • arr.length == m * n
  • 1 <= m, n <= 105
  • 1 <= m * n <= 105
  • 1 <= arr[i], mat[r][c] <= m * n
  • All the integers of arr are unique.
  • All the integers of mat are unique.

Solution: Map + Counter

Use a map to store the position of each integer.

Use row counters and column counters to track how many elements have been painted.

Time complexity: O(m*n + m + n)
Space complexity: O(m*n + m + n)


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