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花花酱 LeetCode 365. Water and Jug Problem

You are given two jugs with capacities x and y litres. There is an infinite amount of water supply available. You need to determine whether it is possible to measure exactly z litres using these two jugs.

If z liters of water is measurable, you must have z liters of water contained within one or both buckets by the end.

Operations allowed:

  • Fill any of the jugs completely with water.
  • Empty any of the jugs.
  • Pour water from one jug into another till the other jug is completely full or the first jug itself is empty.

Example 1: (From the famous “Die Hard” example)

Input: x = 3, y = 5, z = 4
Output: True

Example 2:

Input: x = 2, y = 6, z = 5
Output: False

Solution: Math

special case 1: x == z or y == z or x + y == z: return True
special case 2: x + y < z: return False
normal case: z must be a factor of gcd(x, y)

Time complexity: O(log(min(x, y))
Space complexity: O(1)


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