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花花酱 LeetCode 648. Replace Words


In English, we have a concept called root, which can be followed by some other words to form another longer word – let’s call this word successor. For example, the root an, followed by other, which can form another word another.

Now, given a dictionary consisting of many roots and a sentence. You need to replace all the successor in the sentence with the root forming it. If a successor has many roots can form it, replace it with the root with the shortest length.

You need to output the sentence after the replacement.

Example 1:

Input: dict = ["cat", "bat", "rat"]
sentence = "the cattle was rattled by the battery"
Output: "the cat was rat by the bat"


  1. The input will only have lower-case letters.
  2. 1 <= dict words number <= 1000
  3. 1 <= sentence words number <= 1000
  4. 1 <= root length <= 100
  5. 1 <= sentence words length <= 1000

Solution 1: HashTable

Time complexity: O(sum(w^2))

Space complexity: O(sum(l))

Solution2: Trie

Time complexity: O(sum(l) + n)

Space complexity: O(sum(l) * 26)



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