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花花酱 LeetCode 1616. Split Two Strings to Make Palindrome

You are given two strings a and b of the same length. Choose an index and split both strings at the same index, splitting a into two strings: aprefix and asuffix where a = aprefix + asuffix, and splitting b into two strings: bprefix and bsuffix where b = bprefix + bsuffix. Check if aprefix + bsuffix or bprefix + asuffix forms a palindrome.

When you split a string s into sprefix and ssuffix, either ssuffix or sprefix is allowed to be empty. For example, if s = "abc", then "" + "abc""a" + "bc""ab" + "c" , and "abc" + "" are valid splits.

Return true if it is possible to form a palindrome string, otherwise return false.

Notice that x + y denotes the concatenation of strings x and y.

Example 1:

Input: a = "x", b = "y"
Output: true
Explaination: If either a or b are palindromes the answer is true since you can split in the following way:
aprefix = "", asuffix = "x"
bprefix = "", bsuffix = "y"
Then, aprefix + bsuffix = "" + "y" = "y", which is a palindrome.

Example 2:

Input: a = "abdef", b = "fecab"
Output: true

Example 3:

Input: a = "ulacfd", b = "jizalu"
Output: true
Explaination: Split them at index 3:
aprefix = "ula", asuffix = "cfd"
bprefix = "jiz", bsuffix = "alu"
Then, aprefix + bsuffix = "ula" + "alu" = "ulaalu", which is a palindrome.

Example 4:

Input: a = "xbdef", b = "xecab"
Output: false


  • 1 <= a.length, b.length <= 105
  • a.length == b.length
  • a and b consist of lowercase English letters

Solution: Greedy

Try to match the prefix of A and suffix of B (or the other way) as much as possible and then check whether the remaining part is a palindrome or not.

e.g. A = “abcxyzzz”, B = “uuuvvcba”
A’s prefix abc matches B’s suffix cba
We just need to check whether “xy” or “vv” is palindrome or not.
The concatenated string “abc|vvcba” is a palindrome, left abc is from A and vvcba is from B.

Time complexity: O(n)
Space complexity: O(1)


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