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Nikon Z8 ProRes / ProRes RAW bitrate and compression ratio

The Nikon official site didn’t provide the birate for ProRes / ProRes RAW, I did some test my self, here’re the results. I only tested fullframe (FX) in ~4K resolution.

ProRes Raw 12Bit

Resolution / FPS Bitrate (Mbps) Compression Ratio
4140 x 2330 60p 3350 1.977
4140 x 2330 50p 2810 1.964
4140 x 2330 30p 1620 2.044
4140 x 2330 25p 1360 2.029
4140 x 2330 24p 1280 2.070

ProRes Raw has a very low compression ratio of 2, which suggests that it might be lossless compressed, which takes more spaces than Nikon’s lossy N-RAW, 2.5x of the high quality and 4.5x of the normal quality!

ProRes HQ 422 10Bit

Resolution / FPS Bitrate (Mbps) Compression Ratio
3840 x 2160 60p 1800 5.273
3840 x 2160 50p 1500 5.273
3840 x 2160 30p 910 5.215
3840 x 2160 25p 760 5.204
3840 x 2160 24p 730 5.201

With compression ratio of 5.2, ProRes is still 2x the size of the normal quality n-raw! Though the former one has 1.5x number of pixels to deal with (YUV422 vs Bayer).

I hope Nikon could provide more options for ProRes via firmware updates. A 10x~12x compression ratio version (ProRes LT 422) will be very useful to balance between quality and disk space.

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