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花花酱 LeetCode 981. Time Based Key-Value Store

Create a timebased key-value store class TimeMap, that supports two operations.

1. set(string key, string value, int timestamp)

  • Stores the key and value, along with the given timestamp.

2. get(string key, int timestamp)

  • Returns a value such that set(key, value, timestamp_prev) was called previously, with timestamp_prev <= timestamp.
  • If there are multiple such values, it returns the one with the largest timestamp_prev.
  • If there are no values, it returns the empty string ("").

Example 1:

Input: inputs = ["TimeMap","set","get","get","set","get","get"], inputs = [[],["foo","bar",1],["foo",1],["foo",3],["foo","bar2",4],["foo",4],["foo",5]]
Output: [null,null,"bar","bar",null,"bar2","bar2"]
TimeMap kv;   
kv.set("foo", "bar", 1); // store the key "foo" and value "bar" along with timestamp = 1   
kv.get("foo", 1);  // output "bar"   
kv.get("foo", 3); // output "bar" since there is no value corresponding to foo at timestamp 3 and timestamp 2, then the only value is at timestamp 1 ie "bar"   
kv.set("foo", "bar2", 4);   
kv.get("foo", 4); // output "bar2"   
kv.get("foo", 5); //output "bar2"   

Example 2:

Input: inputs = ["TimeMap","set","set","get","get","get","get","get"], inputs = [[],["love","high",10],["love","low",20],["love",5],["love",10],["love",15],["love",20],["love",25]]
Output: [null,null,null,"","high","high","low","low"]


  1. All key/value strings are lowercase.
  2. All key/value strings have length in the range [1, 100]
  3. The timestamps for all TimeMap.set operations are strictly increasing.
  4. 1 <= timestamp <= 10^7
  5. TimeMap.set and TimeMap.get functions will be called a total of 120000 times (combined) per test case.

Solution: HashTable + Map


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